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Three dynamic women jogged the Self-Transcendence Sunday Fun-run, March 20



Ever since this site started to report the Self-Transcendence Sunday fun-runs, back in February 20, the girls have always numbered at least half of the participants.  Last Sunday, March 20, however, all of the participants were girls.  These three girls, or, should I say, these three dynamic women were undeterred by such small matters as icy winds and freezing temperatures and jogged with joy and fearlessness.


Let us not forget that these three valkyries, Pujarini, Steinunn and Viktoría, have a string of heroic deeds to their credit, suffice to mention Viktoría's monumental sea-swim across the Breiðafjörður gulf.


However, although the valkyries may be awe-inspiring to behold, it is your faithful reporters humble wish that the Vikings in the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Iceland  be not cowed by their presence and take part in the ever-fun Sunday fun-run next time.  Likewise, the girls are encouraged to step down from their godlike pedestall and take part in the also ever-fun Self-Transcendence 2 mile Tjarnarhlaup race, for no girl has participated in this race since October 12, 2004.