The Vatnsmýrir Race

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The Icelandic Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team organised the 5 km Vatnsmýrir Race for the 10th time last August 5th.


The Vatnsmýrarhlaup Race, organised by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in Iceland, took place for the tenth time last Thursday, August 5th. There was a total of 85 participants who all crossed the finish line. The weather was mild and ideal for the run.

The winner was a young and promising runner who is only 18 years of age, Kári Steinn Karlsson, in the second best time ever in this race,15:45. Only Sveinn Margeirsson has run in a better time, 15:42, in the year 2001. In the female category the first runner was Gerður Rún Guðlaugsdóttir in a time of 17:57.

Spirits were high and the atmosphere was very positive during the race, and even more so after the race, as participants could quench their thirst with energy drinks and pure Icelandic water and enjoy a fresh fruit buffet.