Tjarnarhlaup 14 March

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Six runners showed up and fought fiercely over each and every place...

After a well-deserved week’s rest, Andres, who did not participate last time, came back into the race this day. Andres did not neglect his old habit of winning this wonderful and divine race although he was a little bit away from his best time. But as all runners know, it is most difficult to improve one’s self in each race.

The fight for the second place was very tough; it was between Brynjar, Upajukta and Víðir. Brynjar however managed to get well ahead of both of his competitors without any great physical effort in the final lap.

Víðir started the race by running much faster than both Brynjar and Upajukta but again, as had happened last week, he literally burned out at the beginning of the final lap. Fortunately for Víðir he did not lose the 4th place to Einar who was getting closer to him by every second in the final lap. Einar was a good runner sometime in the last century, and we suspect he might some day apply his expertise to win other runners who he is getting closer to in the final meters.

Ganagane came in the very last in the race this time. He had new shoes and a stupendous running suit which he got as a present from the Run and Become running store in London. He made a bold statement saying that he would very soon be fighting the ferocious battle for the top seats in the Tjarnarhlaup race, so nobody should underestimate him in the future races.

1. Andrés 11:45
2. Brynjar 14:39
3. Upajukta 15:14 4. Víðir 16:05
5. Einar 16:20
6. Ganagane 18:37