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After many new personal records in the last few weeks, the absence of such records came as a surprise in the Self-Transcendence Tjarnarhlaup race on May 31.  It seems as though the runners have exhausted their supply of improvement for the moment, but that's okay, we're sure that records will start dropping soon.  At any rate, Sri Chinmoy has advised runners, as well as all those striving for self-transcendence, to set their goal just a little higher than their believed capacity, or just a little lower.  This time the runners seemed to have set their goals in the just a little lower category.

Furthermore, runners such as Andrés Ramón, who came first in the time of 11:57, had every reason to perform just below peak performance, as this was his first race after completing this year's annual 6 day race, held in  New York by the International Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team. This is, after all, a run where participants run up to 20 hours a day! A heroic race and a tale for another day.

Ágúst Örn came second at the time of 14:15, a mere 6 seconds away from his record 14:09, which he set on April 26. Understandably, Ágúst has every intention of breaking this record - soon - so watch for him in the coming races!.

Víðir came third at the time of 15:25, which is 23 seconds away from his record, which he set the week before. It will be interesting to see whether Víðir manages to break his record in the coming races, as he has been untiring in his declaration of that.

Last but not least was Davíð at 17:15. This is considerably far away from his best ever, 14:00 set in the race on September 14 last year. Davíð himself consider this a bad performance and has vowed to train to get back in shape.

  1. Andrés 11:57
  2. Ágúst Örn 14:15
  3. Víðir 15:25
  4. Davíð 17:15